Coaching people towards happier, healthier lives

I am a qualified coach, mentor and facilitator. I understand just how important it is to overcome the expectations of others, so we can become the person we want to be. Society in general has very set ideas of how we should be and we feel the impact of this every day.

If you are experiencing dissatissfaction with something about yourself, you are not alone. Struggles with low-confidence, low self-belief, coping with change, relationships, work-life balance, fitness or weight are familiar to so many of us.

But confident, healthy, balanced lives are possible! By working together, I will help to get you where you want to be.


In 2011 I graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a Masters Degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice and hold an adult teaching certificate.

I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and an affiliate of The Isbourne Holistic Centre, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

I coach...

  • People of all ages
  • Individuals suffering low confidence and low self-belief
  • People who seek change or have experienced unwelcome change
  • Those that want to gain more control of their weight, fitness and mental health
  • People who are trying to balance and manage relationships at work, at home or socially

As a human I, like you, have had my fair share of 'experiences', some I chose and some I didn't. It is often the events or experiences that creep up on you that have the most profound impact.

I have been married, divorced, a single mum, had all sorts of relationships and deeply felt the empty nest when my son's left home. I understand the impact of childhood experiences on self-esteem and confidence as an adult.

I am passionate about equality, fairness and empowerment.

What I Offer

I am passionate about empowering people through self development, to be what they are capable of being. I want you to get the most out of coaching so that you can identify your goals and achieve them.

I offer a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore, reflect and talk about what you want or don't want in your life. I want to help you to overcome any barriers, to look at things differently and live a life you want to live.

Initially you'll have a free half hour telephone consultation. This is a first, but very important step. I understand how difficult and, sometimes scary, taking that first step can be. Having a chat on the phone helps us to get to know each other a little and find out if we can take the coaching relationship forward.

Session and Pricing Info

On average 6 meetings are suitable for most people. However everyone is unique, so this suggestion is only to provide some guidance, you may need more sessions or less.

I offer a number of options;

  • Face to Face conversations
    Within easy access of Cheltenham
  • On the Telephone
  • On Skype / Zoom
  • Cost per hour   £55

All information, activity and action sheets given during the session are included in the price


If you wish to make that first step, please send an email to the address below, leaving a short message including the service you wish to discuss

In the mean time, feel free to check out my blogs and posts...